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Personalized Jewel Case

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Upgrade your new prized possession with a fancy personalized display case to store the crown jewels while you’re not wearing them.

  • Made from sturdy crystal clear plexiglass
  • In case you’re concerned if it will fit on your mantel … the dimensions are 3.25″ x 3.25″ x 3.25″
  • Cases have two options – The ring can either lye gloriously on Astroturf or be elevated in all its greatness by a floating clip
  • Personalized engravings include the year you dominated, your amazing team’s name and of course the humble owner.
  • Ring size approximately 12. Let's be honest, its a show piece not your grandma's heirloom.
Ring Case

Engravings Ship Separate. Free Engraving includes current and past winners.

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