NEW Customizable Fantasy Football Championship Belt

What’s up Champs? We just wanted to take a very brief moment to let you know about an exciting new product in our starting lineup in case you somehow missed it. Our new Gold Fantasy Football Championship Title Belt is the most affordable, high-quality, customizable championship belt on the market today. There are several different custom engraving configurations available to suit your needs.

It is well known that a championship belt is the pinnacle of fantasy football smack talk. Take your league or your man cave to the next level by picking one of these up today.


6 replies on “NEW Customizable Fantasy Football Championship Belt

  • Nick

    Is the winner plate removable? Meaning every year can i remove it have the current winners name engraved and put it back on?

    • Fantasy Champs

      Each year you can purchase a new engraved portion off of our site for $5. The existing engraved portion on the belt can be peeled off and removed. It helps if you heat it up with a hairdryer just a bit first, but that is not mandatory. Any residual adhesive can be cleaned up with an alcohol wipe (included with new engraving). The new engraved plaque has a peel and stick adhesive on the back and you just line it up and stick it down on the side plaque. We hope to have a video demonstration of this uploaded to our site sometime in the near future. Thanks for your inquiry!


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