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The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring

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After months of agonizing over your lineups... you dominated your fantasy football league this year and want to make sure everyone in your neighborhood knows it. Our championship rings aren’t for the shy or modest. Our line of in-your-face rings will have everyone gawking.

  • Covered in over 82 genuine not-real-diamonds.
  • Solid metal and can double as a paperweight.
  • Eye-catching FFL logo surrounded by as many jewels as we could fit.
  • Matches with any outfit, literally anything.
  • Each blinged-out ring is hand-crafted and polished for maximum observer jealousy.
  • The most intense Fantasy Football hand jewelry you’ve ever seen.
  • Ring size approximately 12. Let's be honest, it's a showpiece, not your grandma's heirloom.

And if you feel like taking it off — upgrade your new prized possession with a fancy personalized display case to store the crown jewels while you’re not wearing them.


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