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Fantasy Football Participation Ribbons (For Losers)

Fantasy Football Participation Ribbons (For Losers)

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If you didn’t win, you lost right? In today’s generation it seems honorable mentions and participation awards are handed out like candy on Halloween. But this is Fantasy Football…and your league mates deserve better.

They persevered through weeks of mediocrity… and for that they should be rewarded with a blunt reminder. An original PARTICIPATION Ribbon design, with the caption “In other words, YOU SUCK at Fantasy Football”; worthy of hanging up on mom and dad’s fridge to let everyone know how feeble the season was.

These satin ribbons with gold metallic print are the same uninspired awards you would receive in 4th grade track & field… perfect for the average participants of your league. Hey, we can’t all be Champions.

  • Pack of 10 Ribbons
  • Satin Ribbons with Gold Print
  • Suitable for everyone 2nd place to last place
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