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Fantasy Champs

Golden Toilet Loser Award

Golden Toilet Loser Award

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Our Gold Toilet is delicately handcrafted to recognize that member of your league with the extreme talent to suck. And hey, if you didn't lost!. 

We are talking about the idiot of your group that couldn’t get his sh*t together. The one that might as well have drafted a kicker in the second round.  That special loser deserves to be ridiculed and scorned because let's be honest, their entire season should be flushed down the toilet. No one should ever forget that type of humiliation. It hurts to lose ... but it hurts even worse when you have a daily reminder of a shitacular season. 

  • The Gold Toilet can be used as a Trophy Topper to commemorate someone’s miserable season
  • Threaded insert in bottom for attaching to perpetual base, incase you want to remind your league losers in perpetuity!
  • Hand-painted with the highest quality detail
  • Toilet Dimensions:  3" x 5" x 8" 
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